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Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season



January 20th - February 18th


Happy Birthday to the great humanitarians of the zodiac - smart, optimistic, confident and bringers of big ideas to the world. Aquarians share much with their ruling planet of Uranus, like discipline, boundary stretching, and a passion for revolutionary change. Due to Uranus' outer planet status, Aquarius can sometimes veer into a callousness regarding other people's thoughts and feelings. They're not trying to be socially weird to hurt you, I promise. Their big brains are just super busy seeking enlightenment on issues ranging from climate change to space travel and they forgot you were there. 


Air signs are intelligent, chatty, (when they feel like it) and curious, feeling as though they exist solely to communicate important ideas to the masses. Much like the psychopomps of various cultural mythos, the giving and receiving of information is the key to understanding the life path of these odd conversationalists. Aquarius can sometimes be overly focused on high level communication, which makes them blind to interpersonal communication on occasion. If your Aquarius is a tarot reader, practical decks like this lenormand  are great for focusing on pedestrian affairs, and these cutie little conversation prompts are a great way to help Aquarius remember that small, personal chats can contribute to the common good as well sweeping oration.


Ah, yes, the immobility of a fixed sign is both a blessing and a curse. The best part about Aquarian's fixed nature is their decisiveness, confidence, and determination - Aquarius WILL see an idea come to dewy fruition, no matter how weird it may be. (And with Aquarius, many things are weird and out there.) Unfortunately, fixed signs can also be huge, stubborn assholes who refuse to course correct impossible ideas even when friends and family make a solid effort to convince them. Grounding devices like essential oil candles can help keep Aquarius practical, and The Aquarius Spell Pouch contains sensual elements like ylang ylang and blue pea flower to focus more on the physical realm, perfect for when they want to build a hot pink water powered electric grid on Mars or some such thing but should really just have a hug and a nap. 


The Star meets The Fool towards the end of his life's journey, just after he has thoroughly internalized the most painful lessons of The Tower. This card, like it's zodiac parallel Aquarius, can often bring out more neutral, intellectual moments in readings. Rather than wallow in the past or, alternately, barrel full speed ahead to escape it, The Star asks us to illuminate the world by illuminating the deepest depths of oneself. To do that, we must acknowledge both the dark and light parts of our experiences and pour them into a higher purpose, much as the celestial figure in the card pours into both land and sea, light and dark. The Star embodies the type of hope and renewal that can follow catastrophe or tragedy, both personally and globally.


Heavily intellectual and experimental, Aquarius is not afraid to push boundaries and show up to traditional events wearing avant garde tunics shaped like trapezoids and made of tires. Aquarius might love architectural jackets, anthracite denim, or cheeky mesh, as long as it inspires them. This cardigan is a futuristic mashup of earth friendly cotton and a metallic buckle, which makes it edgy enough for the Aquarius ego but humane enough for the Aquarius conscience. 


Aquarian music makers like Metric, Laura Marling, The Weeknd, and rock's resident weirdo Mike Patton pepper this season's playlist, as well as songs about starlight, big ideas, and the resurrection of human hope - because Aquarians don't have time for pettier issues. They are busy trying to save the world and they really just need you to do what they say.