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Aries Season at Ritual

Aries Season at Ritual

Ram Skeleton Specimen

March 20th - April 19th

Element - Fire/Cardinal
Tarot Card - The Emperor
Crystals - Citrine, Onyx, Carnelian, Garnet
Keywords - Vigor, Focus, Impatience, Combat, Passion, Honesty
Strengths - Fearless, passionate, down for anything, extremely straightforward and honest. You never have to worry about an Aries stabbing you in the back...they would never. They will stab you right in the face. 
Weaknesses - That inclination to violence never really goes away. Sometimes Aries enjoy fighting for fighting's sake, which means they can stubbornly cling to questionable ideas just so they can feel like they 'won'. Honestly Aries, just because you beat someone doesn't mean you were right. When you are impatient to win and ready to smash your formidable head into someone's skull, try to take a moment to breathe and imagine getting drinks with them instead of killing. See? Sounds fun, right? Let's go.
The Emperor Tarot Card
The best sign to back you up in a fight. The best sign for one night fuckery. The best sign to bust you out of prison, no questions asked. The best sign to play competitive sports with, provided you're cool with light injuries. The best sign to be an advocate, for... literally anything. The sign that will go skydiving with you, the sign that will travel to dangerous places with you, the sign that will tell you you're full of shit, but hangs out with you anyway. 
Skeleton Harness
Non-apparel gift suggestions for the Aries in your life:
  • Candles. They're portable fire!
  • Membership to a boxing gym.
  • A drum set. The harder you hit it, the more fun it is.
  • Bail money.

Aries SymbolAries SymbolAries SymbolAries SymbolAries SymbolAries SymbolAries SymbolAries Symbol

Mars babies want to be attractive and comfortable all at once, since they're usually engaged in some kind of physical activity every day. The athleisure trend was essentially made for Aries, but since it's gothleisure at Ritual, consider a waffle knit hoodie, ultra soft joggers, custom t-shirts, and a simple, functional harness. Yes, it's all black, but Aries can always carry some bright red accessories to feel more like themselves. 
Waffle Knit Hoodie
A hoodie, an elevated t-shirt, and some comfy pants = combat ready.
Slashed Leggings
We often refer to these slashed leggings as "Warrior Leggings." An equally appropriate moniker would be "Aries Leggings."
Slit Sleeve Turtleneck
Aries love to make an impact. This turtleneck says, "My elbows are deadly," while these joggers say "I am incredibly fit and can outrun you."
Rings (Various)
Rings. Armor for your hands. Decorative weapons. Big, intense rings. This most youthful fire sign loves to express power non-verbally...and what indicates Thanos levels of power better than a ring called "The Temporal Rift?!"
Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol Aries Symbol
If you prefer aural inspiration, download Ritual's Aries Season Soundtrack on Spotify for further fiery spring vibes.
  Happy Birthday, Rams. Try not to hurt anyone when you paint the town red.