Office Fashion 2020

Office Fashion 2020

It turns out, most things can just be an email. If we should thank 2020 for anything, (and let's not get ahead of ourselves, here) it's working from home. Welcome your newfound freedom and join the comfortable, easy ranks of the professional and pant-less.



"I am dressed for the meeting...or for your funeral. Depends on how the meeting goes." C.C. wears the Accordion Pleat Tunic and Whistle Drop Necklace while preparing for corporate bullshit.




"I don't have time for excuses or pants. In that order." Nothing says 'executive goth' like The Victorian Blazer.




"Look, I don't really utilize terms like 'fired'. But you're fired." The Echo Blouse will not tolerate incompetence.




"We'll revisit the agenda after a brainstorming session." The Laser Cut Tunic works, even when you're on a break. 





"I am comfortable with that feedback. Very comfortable." C.C. wears The Arden Blouse for meetings and The Drawstring Hoodie with Chain Earrings for happy hour. Which is whenever you want it to be.