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Cancer Season

Cancer Season


As the equator gives us a spicy reminder kick and those lazy rays from our giant star finally sit up and notice the Northern Hemisphere, Cancer season rushes in on a tidal wave of feelings. People born between June 21st and July 22nd truly channel their ancient avatars - like any respectable crustacean they will hide in tide pools, ponds, and bathtubs if the outside world is looking inhospitable, choosing to self soothe in a comfortable environment only they control. For clarity's sake, an inhospitable world is what Cancer encounters most days thanks to their watery empathy and lunar intuition, because when things suck, they usually figure it out first. Cancer isn’t avoiding us by hiding (okay except when they are), they just know that the world can be a brutal, cold place. This primal awareness of danger is prominent in actual, scuttling crustaceans and also the source of infamous Cancerian moodiness and tears.

Wouldn’t we all get a little anxious and worn down from constant threat assessment? From a barrage of negativity that seems to go totally unnoticed by others? Admit it, Aquarius - you would cry, too, if that were your reality. So give your Cancer buddies a break and celebrate the season by helping them feel protected. Gift them some crystals, some flowy clothing, home-cleansing incense, and whatever else floats their possibly literal boat. Most importantly, put your shoes on, lock your door, get on the road, and go hang out with them. Hold Cancer’s hand. Sit on their couch with them and have a snack. Because summer babies need a home, for sure, but home is not a place.* It is the collective of beings who love you unconditionally.

*Don’t say those exact words to them, though. They’ll cry. 


The wateriest water that ever did water practically surrounds Cancer in an embryonic sac of emotion, like a peaceful lake companion. All water signs relate to the world via a similar emotional conduit, but only Cancer uses the water of emotion as a shield - there is no getting around it. In the trio of aquatic basket cases, Cancer heralds the first and most open empath season with fluid, oceanic vibes. Gifts of crystal jewelry, particularly anything with opal, rose quartz, or moonstone allow Cancer to bring elements of home and water into the public world - a place they are often uncomfortable. This discomfort, rawness, and constant emotional accessibility makes it easy for crabs to vacillate between joy, depression, rage, and constant devotion at a pace that makes most other people seasick, so soothing, grounding scent elements are always welcome. This seasonal Litha spray is a smoke free option full of grounding, energizing cedar and embodies the solstice vibes emblematic to the sign; sun, emotion, loyalty, longevity, and love, love, love.


Cardinal signs get a bit of a raw deal, astrologically. They are the ones ushering in elements and seasons, which means they experience everything first and hardest. For fire babies, that means rushing into action before contemplating consequences (cough, Aries, cough) and for air babies, rushing to communicate before ideas are fully formed. As the cardinal water sign, poor Cancer feels all slights and injuries the way one does as a new human - heavily, painfully, and through a veil of tears. Help your summer birthday companions protect themselves and cope with tools for banishment and protection like black beeswax candles and wearable obsidian. Obsidian is a particularly harmonious protective stone for Cancer, because key to its formation is the quenching of volcanic fire by, wait for it…water. Carrying a bit in the pocket or wearing it in sworly, silver toned settings will go a long way making crabs feel safe. 


Look closely at The Chariot  as it teaches The Fool to take control and strike out on their own. The driver gently directs two beasts of burden, the beasts of emotion and intellect, practicality and frivolity, want and must, to a place of common desire. This is the hurdle that Cancers will spend their entire lives jumping, the control and direction of their dual desires - emotional needs vs. practical needs. The childlike quality of this particular deck speaks directly to the Cancer id without patronizing or trivializing intense feelings, and the sketchwork is bizarrely moving for its simplicity.  More impactful for summer children than even tarot, crystal work summons the water and earth elements with which Cancer is comfortable and familiar. Rose quartz and moonstone are good, traditional choices for the nurturing, moon-ruled crabs, but obsidian makes an excellent protective stone and sodalite can often work wonders to quell some of the famed Cancer looniness. (No, really. Listen to your Cancer friend laugh/cackle sometime. They sound insane. It’s just the feelings.)  If the Cancer in your life is just beginning a spiritual journey, books like this one involving protection of the home and family will be much appreciated, as will a kicky recipe tome aligned to the tarot. Witching AND domestication? This is Cancer’s love language.


As summer vacillates between breezy flirting and oppressive laziness, the best uniform for Cancer is comforting, flattering, and transitions from indoor to outdoor activity seamlessly. This crocheted tunic can be a layering piece, a spicy top, or beach cover-up, depending on mood, and sweetens up any harness or bralette layered beneath. When it comes to harnesses, simple and sweet works best for Cancer, and both the wrap harness and  chest cage harness can make them feel contained, nurtured, and safe.  More casual crabs will love clothing to hide in, like hoodies, flowy palazzo pants, and athleisure with subtle print and texture that emulates the dappled surface of a pond. Top it all off with a gauzy kimono that can double as a beach blanket and Cancer will cook you dinner for the rest of your life…after all, nurturing is their strong suit.


Feel all the summer feelings with tunes from Cancers who have been through it like George Michael, Lana Del Rey, Cindi Lauper, and Bill Withers. Revel in emotion while lolling about on your couch and eat all the things! Though it is tempting for Cancer to commit only to heartbreak and sadness, the desire to be nurtured and loved is the stronger and more genuine heartbeat found in music from Radiohead, Actors, and Sharon Van Etten, underscoring the compassion that is the biggest, most intense driver of Cancer season. The Pixies said it best - Cancer wants to give you gigantic, big, BIG love. Now let’s give them some back. 

Words from Sarah Randall Williams