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Cancer Season at Ritual

Cancer Season at Ritual

Cancer Glyph
June 21st  - July 22nd
Element - Water/Cardinal
Tarot Card - The Chariot
Crystals - Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Emerald
Keywords -Sensitive, loving, creative, moody, empathetic, loyal
Strengths - Caring of others and sensitive to all the feelings, Cancer is the sign that really, truly listens and feels the pain of everyone around them.  They throw excellent dinner parties, serve amazing comfort food, and rarely turn down a request to meet up for drinks and commiserate in your pain.
Weaknesses - Between all the water signs, Cancer leans most into immaturity and codependency when it comes to their own feelings and emotions. They are sweet summer children who need companionship and love to engulf them at all times, and sometimes this clinginess scares potential friends and partners away. For this reason Cancerians often have just a few very close relationships instead of many casual ones, and flippancy in social settings is not their forte, because they simply care too fucking much. This causes crying jags that can ruin moments like parties and grocery store trips when someone like an Aquarius makes a casual comment that wounds Cancer feelings without even being aware of it.  Then Cancer goes home upset and eats 5 tubs of Haagen Dazs, which will be watered down at the end of the evening by freshets of tears. 
Cancer Glyph
CrabThe Chariot is often a card of growing up and getting to a place where the individual has control over emotions and events, instead of the other way around. Crabs should marinate on this card and concept, making an honest assessment of their own mood control and co-dependant tendencies. The keyword for such an exercise of course is honestly assess; not fall into self-deception just to avoid crying. 
Sun and Moon Journal
Non-apparel gift suggestions for the Cancer in your life:
  • A beautiful, hardbound notebook  that looks nice on a coffee table while also allowing Cancer to pour their teary longings and obsessions onto a page instead of onto you, or their dinner, or the dashboard of their car. This one is specifically geared toward Sun and Moon thoughts, which will help Cancer get in tune with their ruling celestial body. 
  • These crazy vase earrings in silver can hold tiny flowers and water! They are perfect for nurturing Cancerians, most of whom have strong green thumbs and an instinct for helping things thrive and grow. Plus, they make it possible for Cancer to literally wear H2O as an accessory, which is the crab's ultimate dream.

Lunar Phase Key Chain

  • Our crabs are constantly waxing and waning, emotionally speaking. Give the gift of constant lunar comfort with this moon phase keychain and never watch a Cancer break down over losing their keys again.
  • The Chariot Incense holder will spruce up a Cancer living space and remind them to remain calm and in control, instead of weeping over pet food commercials.
  • White Lodge Incense from Sea Witch Botanicals is the perfect companion gift for The Chariot, filled as it is with motivating water element essential oils like fir and pine.



    Cancer Glyph

    Satin Top and Shorts

    Crabby outfit options include:

    • Cancerians appreciate clothing that is multi-functional, i.e. allows them to clean the kitchen in the same top they had on for dinner. But it can't be boring or basic - they'll feel self-conscious and their mood will start to turn. Basically you want to go for statement pieces that are comfortable enough to sleep in, like these satin coordinates.
    • This bike pant/jogger/trouser  is the McGyver of the pant world, for real. Cancer could wear these working in the garden shed or having a fancy, emotionally exhausting dinner, because the fabrication of these makes them look luxe and versatile in any situation.  Sometimes good athleisure can spur a Cancer to action and stave off their occasional attraction to sloth. 
    Baby Doll Head Tank
    Our favorite artist Axehakka commemorated the wild ride of 2020 by stenciling  his signature "dolly" on our boarded storefront, and it looked so metal that we decided to make it a tank top. This is the kind of comfy, attention grabbing piece that Cancer needs to find domestic bliss, and the doll head calls to Cancer's youthful nature. You could also sing "Doll Parts" by Hole and Cancerian Courtney Love while wearing this and feel really, really meta.
    Courtney Love

    Honestly, crabs, maybe we should all just have a snack and nap. Soothing tunes by the likes of Elysian Fields, Bill Withers, and Arlo Parks provide the womb-like environment that crabs crave on large parts of this month's soundtrack, but it's tempered by Cancerians M.I.A., Courtney Love, and The White Stripes. You can't sit moping around the house all day, Cancer. You just can't. We're coming over for your birthday and we have snacks. 


    Cancer Glyph