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Capricorn Season at Ritual


Practical, Determined, Ambitious, Loyal, and a Low Key Sex Machine


"I know when to go out 

Know when to stay in

 Get things done."
David Bowie

Earth signs are the people you turn to for accounting, list-making, and a general zest when attacking boring administrative tasks. For these weirdos, both God AND the Devil are in the details, and they will be damned if any tiny nuance is overlooked. Earth signs are conservative, yes, but they make up for their intractability with an attention to detail that is impressive in both breadth and depth. The intricacies of fine jewelry appeal to Cap's anal retentiveness, and raw crystals harken to their grounded, earthy core. Stones like smoky quartz, garnet, and hematite often appeal to the practical goat due to  solid strength and root chakra alignment, but a little rose quartz would help invite more flexibility and compassion into their lives. 


Cardinal signs love to start projects, seed ideas, and take ownership of the success that follows groundbreaking strategy. As the harbingers of the new season of darkness and reflection, Capricorn excels at the lengthy intellectual marination of new concepts and projects before actually enacting them. These are people who do the pre-game homework before the regular homework to service their ambition. The Goat is the ultimate layer of groundwork and a slave to perfect preparation, which makes journals, planners, and other neat organizational tools excellent Dec/Jan gifts. Glamorous? No. Will they use it and love it? Yes.


"The Devil didn't make me do it."
Twin Temple

Capricorn aligns with one of the more misunderstood major arcana, card fifteen, The Devil. Typically depicting figures bound by everyone's favorite horned archetype, The Devil evokes subjugation, deception, and enslavement to baser instincts like materialism. Upon close inspection of most RWS decks, the bound figures are holding their own chains and could escape if they chose, but the bonds are of their own making. In The Lost Hollow deck, The Devil's subjects are held in shibari binds (you saucy Capricorns) and are somewhat more ambiguously depicted - several lustful expressions mingle with others looking desperate, ambitious, or merely bored. Like Baphomet and Pan before them, the goats of winter can become so single minded that it transforms them from master to slave in no time at all. The carnality of The Devil isn't the thing being cautioned against in the card, but the inability to see past the querent's own narrow mindedness. You can't just focus on bedroom bondage for your whole life, Capricorn. And no, you can't just focus on your bank account instead, because tying self worth to such shallow endeavors is enslavement.  The Devil teaches you that deeper meaning, variety, and an honest look at every aspect of your personality is necessary to live a truly fulfilling life, so try not to be so rigid in your focus and expectations. 


This ambitious, productive sign generally prefers clothing that allows them to get shit done, so tailor apparel choices to wherever your beloved Goat's ambitions lie. Work from home Caps will love loungewear and comfortable but professional  Zoom attire like this sweatshirt dress, whereas Caps in the spotlight want impactful silhouettes and dark colors that ensure they will be taken seriously. They have no problem with boundary pushing in their own home however, since Capricorns apply their famous diligence in both the boardroom and the bedroom. This means  harnesses, shoulder grazing earrings, and bondage collars will also keep  Capricorn, er...engaged.


"Let me live through your vice."

FKA Twigs

We like all of our soundtracks, because we make them, duh. But we really, really like this season's playlist, thanks to eternal favorites Beth Gibbons of Portishead, Annie Lennox, and Blixa Bargeld crooning their Capricorn hearts out and shaping a soundtrack that manages to sound wintry, determined, and dark. Capricorn goddess FKA Twigs brings a little diligent naughtiness...perfect for cuffing season, no? So what are you waiting for - turn it on and go get cuffed.