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Fashion that Gives a Damn

Fashion that Gives a Damn

Finally, we are emerging from the grey winter chrysalis that was February and maybe, if we’re lucky, seeing a glimpse of the sun that transforms Seattle into a coffee guzzling, Sunday brunching butterfly once the vegetation blooms. As the vernal equinox approaches us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, even the dourest of goths like to harken to the pagan origins of Spring and Eostre and celebrate all things being born, blooming, growing, and thriving. Spring also provides an excellent excuse for cleansing, cleaning, and yes, the most fun, wardrobe updating. 


One of the things we are passionate about at Ritual is sourcing designers and brands that offer a bit more to the universe than manufactured clothing, whether that is an environmental commitment, a philanthropic dedication, or influential labor transparency. It seems unjust, in 2019, for a business or corporation to fail to utilize the global community outreach such a broad platform can provide.

The way our animal companions ground us to the earth and its seasons is something else inspiring our passion this spring at Ritual. We share our lives with four cats and a dog between us, in addition to all the peripheral animals of family, friends, and customers we get to spend time with daily. (If your dog is not yet aware, there are always treats behind the Ritual register….and they are only 8 calories a piece because Ritual beagle Hodor eats too much.)

One of our favorite brands, L.A. based n:philanthropy, embodies the spirit we are chasing this spring by offering edgy, well-made clothing that is produced transparently, often right here in the U.S. In addition to fulfilling our desire for quality, n:philanthropy goes above and beyond by donating 10% of their net proceeds to charity, specifically pediatric cancer research and the A.S.P.C.A.

To celebrate the vernal equinox and the renewal of all earthly flora and fauna,  as well as show appreciation for our customers and furry friends, we are offering a 25% discount on all n:philanthropydesigns from March 14th through March 28th. Our fuzzy companions were feeling social enough to pose with some n:philanthropy designs to celebrate our promo, and in fact, Halifax and Bisbee, two of the Ritual kitties pictured, came to us directly from the L.A. A.S.P.C.A with which n:philanthropy works most closely.  

Please enter the promo code philanthropy25 at checkout to take advantage of this discount.

No animal shown in these pictures was harmed during the photography process - but they received copious treats and made sure to cover us and our black clothing in plenty of hair. Ah, the life of gothic animal ownership.