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Gemini Season

Gemini Season


Gemini season always comes as a welcome respite to the recalcitrant, conservative energy of Taurus. The bullish portions of April and May caution patience and stillness, whereas the season of twins encourages communication, quick decisions, and movement.  Gemini humans are the walking embodiment of  the rascally sidekick trope, the friend who endangers you with impulsive decisions and talks you out of being angry for it. 

When fortune shines upon them, the children of Mercury love nothing more than zesty repartee, mostly because they excel at it, just as they excel at analytics, humor, and a go-with-the-flow attitude that makes Buddhist monks envious.

This is the season to embrace new ways of thinking, even if they seem contradictory to your experience -    perhaps especially then. Contrary ideas are Gemini's love language.


Expect your communication to improve drastically thanks to the intellectual airy energy of The Twins, despite Mercury doing its ornery backwards walk until June 3rd, 2022. Like all air signs, Gemini corners the market on fast paced, intelligent discourse, even when much of that discourse seems to be taking place within their own head. Sociability is key to Gemini, because being surrounded by friends helps them quiet the myriad of internal voices jockeying for attention on the daily. Any curios with the possibility for group interaction are ideal for Gemini, as they typically have large social circles and almost always have a partner in tow, romantic or otherwise. Additionally, grounding rituals like journaling or automatic writing can help The Twins reconnect to their intuition, easily lost due to Gemini's constant inclination to prioritize the social and external, instead of the individual, internal self. 


Oh, to taste the freedom and joy of the mutable signs. Capable of seeing all sides, adapting to any situation, and performing stunning 180 degree about-faces, mutable Gemini shares a touch of the verbal diplomacy bestowed upon their elemental sister Libra, without too much of Libra's conflict avoidance instinct. Conflict is still a social construct, and Gemini loves a good social construct! Any zesty form of communication, even  the combative variety, gives Gemini the wings to let them soar as they exercise their impressive verbal acumen. Multi-faceted clothing, accessories, and curios are sure to keep Gemini occupied, as long as they are interesting enough to serve as conversation starters.


Anything that gets people whispering and chatting is a win for the Gemini clotheshorse. Daring Mercury babies will vibe with this wrap top  due to over 5 styling options, and witchy Geminis will appreciate the versatility of a sleeveless kimono  that looks just as cool open and flowy as it does trussed up under a harness. 

This mutable air sign tends to have a lot of nervous physical energy, so athliesure is often a win for the more active Gemini. Whatever the case, make sure it's something people will be compelled to talk about once they see it.  And by people, we mean Gemini. Gemini wants to talk about it. 


The Lovers is a card for reflection on major choices, and represents the dual nature of Gemini. The Neon Moon deck features two figures in an embrace that might be forced, but also might not. Upright, the querent is in control, clutching the face of their twin and forcing a decision. Reversed, it is the querent themselves being forced, perhaps into a corner they would rather not visit.

The Lovers epitomizes Gemini's internal, constant dialogue with themselves, as well as how they require others to give input on their choices. The framing of heads only is apt, as Gemini is often seeking a way to expand beyond their own noisy brain.

Grounding ritual tools can help in this endeavor, as well as crystals like Purpurite that are designed to strengthen intuition and the third eye chakra. 


Alternately energetic and sedate, speedy and meandering, this season's soundtrack at Ritual  reflects the elation as well as the frustration that comes with innate duality. Gemini musicians like Prince, Stevie Nicks, and Siouxsi Sou infuse their tracks with cerebral ideas and jittery, schizophrenic beats while slower, spacier selections from Warpaint, The Smiths, and Clan of Xymox reminds Gemini to slow down occasionally and listen to their heart. Yes, Gemini, there are exciting things happening in the outside world worthy of exploration, but nothing will ever compare to the singular, internal landscape of you.