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Leo Season at Ritual

Leo Season at Ritual

July 22nd  - August 22nd
Element - Fire/Fixed
Tarot Card - Strength
Crystals - Tiger's Eye, Pyrite, Carnelian
Keywords -Dynamic, Egotist, Charismatic, Stubborn, Proud, Independent
Strengths - BIG. DICK. ENERGY. You cannot take your eyes off a Leo, for better or for worse. They exist to take all the air in the room for themselves, making them excellent performers, public speakers, CEO's, and digital personalities. Leos are generous with their charisma, spreading it as far and as wide as their audience will allow, and their bravery comes in handy when you need an extrovert in difficultLeo Style situations. Need someone in the car to convince a cop not to issue that ticket? Leo will do it, you don't even have to ask. Desperate for someone to make a speech at an event and not fuck it up? Get you a Leo. The friend who is able to convince your parents/boss/co-workers of anything on your behalf? That's Leo. Their confidence is infectious, and all it takes is one of Leo's well-timed hair tosses to wear down any non-believers, conservative scaredy-cats, and any sticks-in-the-mud. Rivaled only by Scorpios when it comes to power of persuasion, Leo could probably sell fire to The Devil given enough time and the right outfit. 
Weaknesses - Look, if you know a Leo, you know there are times when it's best to avoid them. The ultimate attention whore, they hate being ignored, sidelined, or told that they are wrong, even if they know they ARE wrong. Leo does not deal with disappointment in a healthy way - the lion will roar, bite, scratch, insult, and strong-arm anyone in proximity, then retreat to a shadowy den and lick their wounds like a sulky house cat. After a week or so of being sullen and intractable, they will need attention again and wonder why you haven't called...so you should probably call them. Because despite being exhausting, they are a fucking blast when they're feeling adored and admired, and their confidence and allure actually rubs off on those around them. 
Lost Hollow Strength CardStrength is an interesting dichotomy of a tarot card. Upright, this card often signals that the querent has found a way to persuade without relying on force or violence, but rather a sort of gentle dominance and education. Instead of beating others into submission, Strength asks us to explain our position and use logic and charisma to bring others over to our way of thinking. The power and violence of a pride lion is always present in this card, in the same way that a purring cat in your lap can still draw blood kneading your thighs, a good reminder that caution is recommended even when claws are sheathed. A reversed Strength can indicate that the worst of Leo's tendencies might be overpowering the situation, and someone may end up with a chunk of flesh missing. 
Iron Cat Dish
  • This heavy ass iron cat dish can hold change, cone incense, burning herbs, keys, whatever. Plus it's a cat, which reminds Leo of themselves, and they love that.
  • Brass bangles are a nice Leo accoutrement for so many reasons - they love warm metals, excessive ornamentation, and loudly announcing their presence. Think of them like a bell on a cat collar.


  • This book of poetry is pretty much made for Leo's bad mood days. 
  • Tiger's Eye is the conventional crystal for Leo, but we are really loving Pyrite for this particular moment in Leo's life. It attracts riches, particularly of use in the economic recovery of 2021, but it also strengthens and grounds Leo back to earth when they get a little big for their britches as they carve out their fortune. 
  • Fire for fire is always a safe bet, so consider this Leo Astrology Candle or Strength Tarot Candle to help the lion in your life gain a little perspective. The rose and orange essential oil infused soy wax will soothe and ameliorate even the most combative of kitties.   



  • Leo does not hide, and if they don't like what you're doing they will ostentatiously show it, usually with a dramatic exit. This dress  was made for dramatic exits.
  • Did we mention Leo needs drama? Even if you can't see it, their body wants every garment to make a statement, and that statement is "Do not look at anyone other than me." Enter this bralette. 

Naughty Devil T-Shirt
So about that B.D.E....Leo needs this shirt, because it's how they see themselves. All the time. Designed by Seattle artist Jon Garaizar of Enchanting Stranger, this tee ensures that no one will ever, ever miss your entrance. Plus, look at how happy that naughty devil is! He's the happiest, most confident little devil in the universe.




Drama, Ego, Fashion, Hijinks, Glamour! This means an energizing soundtrack with The Rolling Stones, Bjork, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Richard Cheese, David Bowie, The Black Angels, and Queen Leo herself, Madonna, seen above in what Ritual considers her best era, Erotica. We will fight anyone who says otherwise, because we have a Leo moon.