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Sagittarius Season at Ritual

Sagittarius Season at Ritual

Season of The Archer

Fiery, social, hilarious, travelled


The sun exited broody Scorpio on November 22nd and we now find ourselves giddy with the fire energy of this amusing sign. Parties? Yes! Travel? Absolutely! Bad jokes and clumsiness? Plenty. Late fall darlings are down for anything, anywhere, anytime, which makes them the most hilarious, fun, and accident-prone sign of the zodiac. Read on to explore some of the more memorable traits of the Sags in your life, and perhaps gain some insight into their wackiness. Just in time for the holidays. 


Plan changes do not bother mutable Sagittarius. If anything, the unexpected will invigorate these harebrained maniacs and give them an opportunity to experience something completely new, which is a siren song to The Archer. Novel trinkets and one-of-a-kind pieces offer Sag the thrill they constantly seek, like custom jewelry, articulated pins,  or scratch-off fortunes adorned with suspiciously appropriate flames. 


Sagittarius loves to set shit on fire, both figuratively and literally, much like their elemental siblings Aries and Leo. Unlike Aries, however, Sag is rarely combative or confrontational about things, and they also tend to (mercifully) lack the brittle ego of Leo. Sag just wants to have fun, people, and a fire for them is an opportunity for social bonding.   Help them celebrate their season with Archer appropriate candles and a jar of matches, or perhaps some incense and a wrought iron smudge dish. 


Sagittarius loves groups. Loves them. This means that much of their style is predicated on being out and about, mingling and knocking over drinks,. This haphazard sociability makes functional jumpsuits, ostentatious accessories, and layers that control temperature in any situation ideal for anytime of year. The Archer particularly benefits from stretch fabric, since many Sags split their pants several times throughout their lives. No, really. They do. 


The 14th card of the tarot is both an invitation and a warning to Sagittarius. Temperance in a spread typically indicates a suggested focus on the middle path to find balance and grounding between the extreme worlds of human existence. Archers often like to experience these extremes for themselves, if only to know how to avoid them...but they need to be cautious of getting stuck in one extreme for too long.  The angel of Temperance has a crown of ash and smoke and holds the polarity of the universe in their hands, symbolized by the fire of creation. Sagittarius needs to keep their fire balanced and controlled, lest they burn themselves down to cinders before having created anything at all. 


Yes, Sagittarius typically ushers in what can be a tacky, overwhelming season of consumerism, but they are also responsible for a, dare we say, merry invigoration that we all start to feel by the time December hits. Our Archer soundtrack features motivating tracks from Interpol, GVSB, The Creatures, Billie EIlish, and the original fire starter Tom Waits, whose song 'Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis' really encapsulates the holiday spirit at Ritual. Duh.