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Pisces Season

Pisces Season

Feb 19th - March 20th

Weird Fishes

Oh to be the weirdest of watery weirdos, skating along the dual planes of known and unknown to the human experience. If that sounds heavy...well, it is. The last sign of the zodiac wheel enacts the reality of their position, the position of endings and circle closure, with every breath they take and individual they affect. Like their tarot equivalentThe Moon, Pisces is the person you can speak to about your disturbingly accurate nightmares who will not be horrified, or judgmental - in fact, Pisces is genuinely interested in your nightmares. It allows them to compare notes! These water wraiths were born deeply in touch with the unsettling  dark side  of human existence, much to the chagrin of family and friends. The ultimate 'old souls', compassionate Pisces will look at your worst self and comfort you by revealing how similar your dark side is to their own shadow self. Conversely, this sign needs help grounding and activating ideas due a dispassion for reality, and can benefit from root chakra crystals and earthy essential oils like myrrh that can improve focus and presence of mind. 


Picture an enormous, beautiful lake as it moves through the zodiac signs ruling emotion; Cancer is the clear blue lake in summer, filled with youth, new emotions, and new connections. When autumn hits and Scorpio tales over, the lake freezes and the water beneath appears black, vaguely threatening, and filled with secrets in hidden depths. At the cycle's end, Pisces ushers the sublimation of winter into spring, the exact moment the air warms and the ice melts and evaporates into mist, like a weather wraith. Ruled by dream planet Neptune, Pisces brings closure and the return of the water element to the beginning via transcendent change into smoke and air. People born under this sign are very, very comfortable with high strangeness; they love to read about it, light candles to encourage it, and revel in it to feel most like themselves. Like an evaporating lake, Pisces true nature is shadowy and ungraspable, but there is no need to worry about their intentions - they are guiding us back to the beginning, to our true natures, and to the life-giving water from which we crawled. 



Mutable Pisces is the friend with compassion for both the aggrieved and the aggressor, much to the occasional frustration of their social circle in the event that 'teams' or 'sides' are being negotiated. Children of Neptune have compassion for all sides, by virtue of their innate understanding of the inherent darkness of humanity. They are drawn to this duality in style, jewelry, and objet d'art, anything that represents the yin and yang they are constantly negotiating. Pisces is the friend in the movie theater who cries for the hero and the villain, knowing they are two sides of the same primal coin. Mutability in Pisces can also lead to indecision and procrastination, unfortunately, as these fishes can always find something interesting to do creatively that will allow them to delay more practical, administrative tasks. Why go to the bank when you could lay on the couch and dream that you are a sea unicorn building your own hidden dwelling in a sunken ship? Don't lie, Pisces. We know you dream about it. 


The Moon is a strange, often ambiguous card in the Fool's Tarot journey, not unlike the strange, ambiguous sign with which this archetype aligns. Encountered towards the end of their trip, The Moon shows The Fool his dark side, down to the skittering remnants of negativity often represented by exoskeletal creatures and swampy bottom feeders. There is always a bisection to The Moon, a light side separated from a dark side by a man made river of logic and emotion. Though most humans avoid the discomfort and hurt that darkness brings, Pisces knows that only a direct confrontation of evil and atavism will allow better natures and intentions to prevail. Pisces comfort with negative secrets tends to guide them to decks for shadow work, such as the Murder of Crows - but the need for caution still exists, since, like all water signs, Pisces can give in to their darkness and wallow eternally if there are no reasonable 'light' personalities surrounding them. Not everything is a heavy portent of existential dread, Pisces, damn. 


If you haven't noticed yet, Pisces likes to hide. Tucked into their own rich imagination, Pisces emerges only when they wish to, and they may vanish again in an ascension of mist and mirrors. Huge, face-concealing turtlenecks, hermit-like hoodies, and flowing ponchos the color of the moon appeal to their watery, sensitive nature, as well as practical coordinates that build an outfit without too much fuss. Pisces would prefer to spend their time contemplating the deeper mysteries of the universe, not planning something as pedestrian as a work outfit, thank you very much. 


The music reflecting these gentle little fish is watery, dreamy, and dark, like a reflecting pool on the lunar surface. Pisces musicians like Sharon Van Etten, Kurt Cobain, and Lou Reed round out tunes celebrating shadows, softness, and the vast unknown, perfect for dreaming of eerie, questionable pasts that lead to brighter futures.

Sarah Randall Williams