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Aries Season

Aries Season

Season of The Ram


Force of the Ram

Just as the Vernal Equinox ushers a new season through our world, Aries breaks onto the scene in a searing burst of energy and light to break up the turgid shadows of Piscean winter. The Ram is a fair representation of a burgeoning human id - something that acts on impulses and desires reflexively and without restraint. Aries babies are quite literally such - representatives of the very beginning of human consciousness, of the time in life when our id is the only navigational tool we have. Rams affect their surroundings in much the same way as an infant's cry affects an otherwise peaceful room - they galvanize action, spur decision making, and alter settled courses of events.  Aries is the friend you have who might actually punch someone for a perceived offense, as opposed to huffing and puffing to bystanders like certain air signs, or quietly seething and plotting, (the favorite tactic of the water element.)  The fire of Mars implores Aries to act first and think about things later, a quality common in adolescents of all species with roots in both bravery and naïveté.


If Leo is the gold, impenetrable center of a virile flame, and Sagittarius the mutable blue fire of a wick about to transmute back to carbon, then Aries is the spark that gets the whole process going.  The fire of Aries expresses itself via straightforward action, both physical and social, thus decisions tend to be made in speedy, enthusiastic fashion when Aries is in charge - think of the friend who will pack up at a moments notice for an adventure cross country, or who will happily put someone in a chokehold for some purported offense - sure, they might sheepishly admit afterwards that their impromptu trip got them into job trouble and the person they punched might not actually have deserved it, but how were they to know? Sparks can be necessary for action and production when controlled, but utterly destructive when ill-timed or sloppily executed, and fiery Aries is much the same. Soy candles with soothing mint essential oil are always useful in an Aries house where tempers tend to flare, as well as kinetic decor like books or cards. The Lenormand divination system uses straightforward symbols and speaks directly to practical matters, providing clarity with the speed and impact Aries requires. (You're impatient and short-tempered, Aries...but in a good way, we promise.) Appropriately harnessed, The Ram's physical strength and constant need for action is a valuable catalyst in any situation, as long as it is tempered by calmer, more grounded influences. 


Cardinal signs love new, innovative ideas, especially if they're the ones who divined them. These are the signs who usher major changes to the earth and her seasons, doing 180 degree pivots from damp Spring to scorching Summer, festive Autumn to frigid Winter, or, in the case of The Ram,  shutting the door on solitary, icy Winter and opening a portal to a new, green Spring. Cardinal signs are the cheerleaders for abrupt, sensory change, and are passionate seekers of fresh new ideas. Books touting weird new skills that attention-seeking Aries can show off will always please - think bizarre new mystical rubric for the more mystical Aries, or strange witchy cocktails for when Aries is feeling social. Serving up mugwort martinis to bedazzled acquaintances allows The Ram to luxuriate in novelty, attention, and the emergence of social activity much longed for over the quiet rest of winter.


The Emperor in a tarot spread can indicate various extremes, depending on the layout and position. On its own, The Emperor functions as a foreboding father figure in The Fool's epic journey. As such, he is The Fool's first entanglement with the idea of rules and consequences, fulfilling the Mars-ruled need for commanding obedience via strength, power, and authority.  When Aries cannot control their rage or impulses, the reversed Emperor appears to shut them down and force a time-out, particularly when a Mars baby is ignoring sage advice and flouting important rules.  Conversely, an upright Emperor can indicate the presence of a much needed safety net for Aries immaturity, like a parent always ready with bail money. This very limited edition deck eschews stale gender roles and centers the Fool's narrative on pop culture psychosis using uncanny, eye-popping art saturated in Martian reds and oranges. For The Ram who prefers the R.W.S. tarot system, indie decks like this one make an excellent gift - novel, portable art that, like Aries,  burns with new, weird passion and energizes through action and discovery.


Fearless Aries has no problem wearing bold, youthful, and even controversial looks, because they know if they wear it first, others will follow. Booty revealing dresses, multi-buckle harnesses, and flashy fishnets are all on the table for The Ram, who gets a kick out of intense reactions. When folks around Aries are visibly offended by a saucy garment, revealing neckline, or avant-garde hat, it brings them unfettered joy, thanks to a toddler-like glee at provoking reactions. Remember the crazy shit you wore in school? Aries is wearing that tomorrow. A t-shirt with a Bat Vulva on it? Sure. Pants with racy, billowing cut-outs? Absolutely. Whatever the hell this is? Aries will take several and make a toga. The cardinal rule when shopping for an Aries is simple: Don't. Be. Boring.


So you want to set shit on fire and you don't want to do it quietly? Like Aries themselves, this season's music is alternately galvanizing, impatient, honest, explosive, and infused with calls to action. Bust out of winter and light up the world with Metric, Tomahawk, Radiohead, Daughters, Billie Eilish, and The Pixies, featuring mad martian and Aries incarnate Black Francis.

Sarah Randall Williams