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Ritual Spotlight - SADIE LUCA

Ritual Spotlight - SADIE LUCA

The Ritual founders travel often, and we try to do it as fashionably and efficiently as possible. We fell in love with the bag selection from California based Sadie Luca when we met them, not only for their vintage horror aesthetic, but also for their durability, handmade craftsmanship, and capacity. (The Weekender Bathory can fit every outfit in our closet.)

We spoke with Sarah, the founder, maker, and all around purse goddess about how she got started, what inspires her, and what we can expect from the future.

When/why/how did Sadie Luca begin?

You could say it started when my mom taught me how to sew when i was very young, that sparked my interest in fashion. After going to fashion school and spending a couple of years in the fashion industry I decided it was best for me to start my own thing. Due to requests from friends Sadie Luca actually started out making creepy skirts for little girls. While buying clothes for children is kind of like dressing up a giant living breathing doll I had no passion for the actual product and knew long term that doesn’t prove successful for any business. While trying to figure out which direction to take Sadie Luca I remembered an internship at a purse company and decided to work up some patterns and test out the idea of making bags, one lead to two, then three, then four. It is something that I have a passion for and get excited about every time an idea comes to life.

Tell us a bit about the aesthetic choices with Sadie Luca (we love the vintage horror inspired logo) - what does the process look like from conceptualization to execution of your product?

I like to think of it as Handmade Handbags for the Peculiar, Catering to the sophisticated creep. That girl that used to shop at hot topic has grown up and wants something that it beautiful but still has some of that creepy personality that they know and love. I love that vintage medical/horror look, it was a natural progression in that direction, whenever I walk by something with that esthetic it catches my eye, makes me stop and go “Ooooooo!!!”. It even reflects to what I’m watching on tv, I’m stuck on period piece material focusing on England, the creepier the better.  The process begins in the inspiration. Visiting museums filled with skeletons and old Dr. bags, seeing the functionality of a WWII military jacket. Highlighting the functionality while breathing old bones into each piece. As an idea or design forms i put it onto paper and rework it over and over until the end result reflects my vision. It’s this reworking, designing, and problem solving that is my absolute favorite part of the process. I never send a piece out i don’t love.

What range of material do you work with to create your looks?

Material is my favorite thing of all!  I love working with Canvas and its military roots.  I can’t get enough of velvet and its luxurious feel, inside of a bag it looks so rich and bold like a coffin lining.  My favorites are my protective outer shell fabrics. The keepers of the soft luxury prints inside my bags. Currently working with waxed Canvas and faux leather for now, genuine leather to come.  I put my trust in their character and strength and beauty.

What sort of products do you see in the future for Sadie Luca- anything new coming on the horizon?

I DO!  I will always have something new.  I am working on a few more messengers and open totes.  I have some exclusives fabrics also being worked out. But I have an big idea for something i haven’t put out yet.  I can’t wait for this to get completely worked out so i can debut it. hoping for Summer 2019.

And finally - favorite horror film?

Just one? my entire house is filled with art by different artists creating Frankensteins, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead, Jokers, Michael Myers…. I seriously cannot pick one.  I Listen to Stephen King books while i sew, and True crime podcasts religiously. Michael Myers is my slasher boyfriend, but i think i would have to say my hands down favorite is Rear Window by Hitchcock.  It has fashion, James Stewart and murder.