Ritual Zodiac Gift Guide

Ritual Zodiac Gift Guide
constellation gift wrapYule, Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, whatever. It's cold outside. Dedicated as we are to living our astrological truth, we've rounded up a few cost conscious, easy to ship, and ultimately thoughtful Yule gift ideas for those in your life attuned to the thrum of celestial bodies. Or, if you observe the more hedonistic Roman celebration of Saturnalia, feel free to grab a glass of something and shop for yourself! No judgement here. In fact, do you have any more?

ARIES/March 21 - April 20.        fire.cardinal.mars 

Bold, decisive, intelligent, and combative, this fire sign will be perfectly at home wearing weapons as decoration. Local designer Open The Cellar Door channels  confrontational Martian energy into these ultra light scythe earrings and voila! Combat fashion.

scythe earrings

Nothing says, "Put me in charge!" like this blazer coat from indie Bulgarian fashion house Metamorphoza. Aries will feel like a powerful undertaker, or perhaps a shadowy government agent. 

Blazer Coat

Bold statements are Aries bread and butter, and these diminutive palm gloves are deceptively daring. They're also nice to have on hand when you need to slap an idiot and call on your seconds. Aries has been dying to do that. 

TAURUS/April 21 - May 21.        earth.fixed.venus     

Bulls want to be comfortable, cute, and in an outfit that leaves room to ingest their favorite things. That baked brie isn't going to eat itself, you know. The inside of this roomy jogger set is so ridiculously soft that Taurus may never take it off.
jogger set
Satisfy the Taurean need for comfort with this earthy, spicy unisex spray. It doubles as a room/linen spray too - perfect for bulls with pets and/or a culinary obsession with onions and garlic. Honestly, that might be all of them. 
hermitage scented veil
You know who wants to feel like they have a particularly fluffy animal sleeping around their neck, even on grocery store runs? Taurus. Make their dream come true with this criminally soft infinity scarf.
furry scarf

GEMINI/May 22 - June 21.        air.mutable.mercury

These intelligent, curious air signs can handle high concept apparel as long as it  embodies the same changeable nature as The Twins. This windbreaker can be worn loose and open for a nonchalant look, or belted and pulled for a commanding dominatrix vibe. 
batwing windbreaker
It's the most adorable, faceted owl candle you've ever seen...until it starts to melt and it's angry, screeching fire breathing skeleton emerges. Kind of like Gemini.
ulga candle
Sometimes you want a skirt, and sometimes you want a pant. Gemini needs both, all the time, so give them their dearest wish with these pants that are also a skirt. They will boggle the minds of non-air signs, and that makes Gemini giggle.
skirt pants

CANCER/June 22 - July 22.        water.cardinal.moon

The homebody Crab just wants something at home to love and nurture. Their home life is their social life, so gift these natural caregivers a modern concrete planter that will liven up tired decor and provide their green babies with an outfit upgrade. 
concrete planter large
If your Cancer is a witchy Cancer, (which is probable) there is no more perfect gift than a guide to nurturing evil plants. Well, people think they're evil, but they want love just like everyone else! Give your evil plants a hug!
plants of the devil book
With all the plant tending, animal petting, and general caring for others on their plates, Cancer would love a comfortable pair of coordinates in which yon Crab can walk proudly out of the house.  
grey lounge set

LEO/July 23 - August 23.        fire.fixed.sun

If you have a brilliant, leonine drama queen in your life, you cannot go wrong presenting them with an ostentatious gift that secures their position as the center of the universe. Lions can wear things that would easily be overkill on other signs, making them look like they're in a costume or playing dress up. On Leo, this dress is just-enough-kill.
When Leo says more is more, they mean it. Leo will absolutely wear these bunny ears on a Zoom meeting. 
bunny ear headband
Help The Lions complete a dramatic entrance for winter with elbow length leather gloves, which also happen to be a warm, functional way to make a statement. Sometimes Leo's need a little nudge in the direction of practicality.
long leather gloves

VIRGO/August 24 - September 22.        earth.mutable.mercury

The Virgin is a sucker for order, routine, detail, and ritual, as well as being a standard bearer for perceived respectability and virtue. Evoking the beauty of ornate stained glass windows, this pewter necklace with a vague Vatican vibe is sure to please. 
benedictine choker
Take the little black dress concept to Victorian nightwear level and watch Virgo bask in the compliments about how pretty they look. Eyes will surely be glued to the Virgin thanks to this stunner of a dress from Korean fashion house Beulah.
midi dress
Even the more practical, work oriented Virgos like to be pretty. This ruched sleeve blouse marries a corporate aesthetic with the earthy, vulnerable vibe for which September babies are known.
ruched sleeve blouse

LIBRA/September 23 - October 22.        air.cardinal.venus

Diplomacy, thy name is Libra. Adept at walking the middle path between light and dark in order to please as many people as possible, Libra will appreciate a balance of the macabre and the whimsical woven into this t-shirt bearing the work of Seattle artist Valerie Niemeyer. 
deathicorn t-shirt
Libra loves engagement, so gift these social butterflies an accessory that will start conversations. The Undine necklace by Chanour recalls the Libra scales of justice with it's two pronged pendant, but it has enough glitz to dazzle even the staunchest astrology naysayers. 
undine chain necklace
The Adorabyssal Oracle by Pixel Occult is a deck of balance. It is a portable, user friendly, and damn cute divination pack that makes deep, occasionally uncomfortable aspects of the future more accessible, almost reassuring. In fact, that's exactly how it feels to be friends with a Libra. 
adorabyssal lampad card

SCORPIO/October 23 - November 21.        water.fixed.pluto

If you know a Scorpio, first...are you okay? Do you need any help? ARE YOU TIED TO THE BED? No? Kay, moving on. The dark star of the zodiac is most comfortable with death and sex, in that order. Satisfy the first obsession with this Ritual/Enchanting Stranger collab t-shirt bearing the Scorpion's tarot representation from The Gauean Deck.
death tarot tee
When Scorpios are happy, they are really, really happy. When Scorpio's are angry, you should stay as far away as is humanly possible. Slip this little book under their door before you go, so that Scorpio can really wallow in rage. It is one of their favorite pastimes. 
the hate poems book
Scorpio looooves ornate, vaguely intimidating adornments that exude power. This beautiful, intricate stone ring may not be inherently evil, but on Scorpio fingers it will scare the hell out of people. 
temporal rift ring

Sagittarius/November 22 - December 21.        fire.mutable.jupiter

The Archer, as the most youthful of the fire signs, suffers from a serious case of wanderlust regardless of their locale. Give Sagittarius the gift of far off lands and creepy, exotic locales with this collection of rarely published short stories by Bram Stoker, Edgar Allen Poe, Alastair Crowley, and more. 
horror and the occult book of short stories
Athletic Sagittarius could always use something that makes them stand out on the go and working out, which makes these Alo leggings a new Sagittarian necessity.
energize leggings
While the sign of The Archer is not necessarily known for love of the mystical, Sagittarius does like to discover new people, places, and hobbies. This mini version of the popular Neon Moon deck is perfect for a modern jet setter that likes to astound their friends with singular art and artifacts. There is literally no other deck like this one, as it combines the style of a graphic novel with the ancient art of cartomancy. 
neon moon deck temperance card

CAPRICORN/December 22 - January 20.        earth.cardinal.saturn

Some people make the mistake of thinking Capricorns are boring, but if you have a Capricorn in your life you know that is a painfully inaccurate assessment.  Capricorns do a lot! They are possibly the busiest, hardest working sign of the zodiac, always tinkering, studying, and putting their nose to practical applications of complex ideas. This humble bandana is a good match for Capricorn - it is multifunctional as a mask, adornment, altar cloth, or cravat, sure, but it's also an excellent illustrated list of things Capricorn might need to pick up for tonight's ritual. Capricorns will love anything with a list on it. Trust us. 
tarot bandana
Practical Capricorn could definitely use a loungewear set. It's not that they plan on laying around, because The Sea Goat never lays around, but they would love a comfortable, stylish set of almost pajamas that allows them to get even more done. That way they'll have time to start schooling your lazy ass. 
 black loungewear set
Did we mention how much Capricorns adore a list? Consider a book that lists, in painstaking detail, every single tool, incantation, candle, and crystal you may need for any ritual you can imagine. This is a great tome for anyone who still needs rudimentary knowledge on Wicca, or for people who may already know a lot but want a veritable dictionary of deep Wiccan knowledge from which they can reference. You know, people who love indexes. Capricorns. 
a witches bible

AQUARIUS/January 21 - February 19.        air.fixed.uranus

Aquarians are weird, let's just put that out there. This overly intelligent air sign often evokes an inscrutable cat, one that can be perfectly affectionate one minute, draw blood the next minute, then spends the rest of their day staring at invisible energies on the ceiling. Are they ghosts? Insects? Secret messages?What the hell are they looking at? Nobody but Aquarius knows. Hell, they probably haven't even noticed you watching them. These big brains like big problems, which makes intense non-fiction an ideal Aquarian gift. Quadrivium is a heavy book for heavy people, exploring the intersection of musical theory, astrology, prime numbers, and sacred geometry.
Quadrivium book
This scarf is stylish and abstruse, just like our water bearing friends. A sartorial eye chart presents an intellectual conundrum during a pandemic...should you get closer to read the tiny letters? Move farther away to test your eyesight? Who knows! But the intellectual push and pull will amuse Aquarius to no end. 
print scarf - eye chart
There is nothing more quintessentially Aquarian than jewelry that seems to be adorned with an ancient secret code. Nothing. This ring will bring Aquarius unmitigated joy, because it will produce unmitigated confusion in everyone else.
Justicar's Amulet Ring

PISCES/February 20 - March 20.        water.mutable.neptune

Oh sensitive, sweet Pisces. Having a watery Pisces in your life is like having an emotional support pet that can talk, and we mean that in the best possible way. When they are concerned about you they know exactly how to help, thanks to Piscean empathy that borders on mind reading. Pisces find meaning in the natural as well as the esoteric, making an oracle deck the ideal gift for the zodiac's emotional water dweller. Crystals - The Stone Deck is a card pack that reveals the hidden depths of our planets rocky resources and helps connect the ordinary to the extraordinary, which is basically a Pisces specialty.
crystals - the stone deck
Pisces may be the most comfortably witchy of the astrological bunch, making flowy, black dresses an absolute must have, regardless of season. This sleeveless version plays nice with multiple layers, and the more layers Pisces can hide from the world in, the better. 
NLT sack dress
Amethyst assists with astral projection, meditation, the opening of the third eye, divination, and mind reading. You know, normal, everyday Pisces stuff. Set into a brass cuff, this Larissa Loden piece also appeals to the creative, artistic nature of our friendly fishes. 
amethyst crystal cuff
Well, there you have it. Now go deck the halls, burn the herbs, make the sacrifice, and have another drink. Onward to 2021!