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Virgo Season at Ritual

Virgo Season at Ritual



Element - Earth/Mutable
Tarot Card - The Hermit
Crystals - Green opal, Amethyst, Citrine
Keywords -Exacting, Speedy, Articulate, Discriminating, Intelligent
Strengths - If you ever need someone to tell you how you can improve your life, for the sake of the True Gods get a Virgo friend. Not only will they joyfully, willfully, apropos of nothing give you feedback, but that feedback will be timely, Cecelia Models Coffin Nail Earringsaccurate, and precise, probably written in list form and in beautiful, beautiful cursive. Virgo will do this out of the goodness of their heart, because what they want most for you, nay, for the entire world, is improvement and empowerment. 
Weaknesses - So that business about improvement can also become a bit obsessive and judgmental.  And when we say a bit, we mean quite a lot, to the point where Virgo will chastise you for not doing things exactly as they think you should. Virgo cannot understand why you are not as fast, efficient, and pretty as they are (and they are generally very pretty, utilizing focused, effective grooming products to keep themselves that way.)
The Hermit Neon MoonThe Hermit finds their own way and uses their own process, because they know it's probably the best idea out there. They need no one to tell them how to seek knowledge or make decisions, because they've already made the best ones...what do you think they've been doing this whole time?! Sometimes, though, The Hermit actually might benefit from the company of others, even though it can be hard to admit. Yes Virgo, we know you're perfect and need no one. But everyone needs someone, sometimes, and closing yourself off to opinions that you assume are inferior can make for a lonely, myopic life if you're not careful.


  • The love Virgo bears for adorable home decor cannot be overstated. This kitty planter hits all The Maiden's hotspots - it's pretty, it's functional, and it improves the Feng shui of any room immediately.
  • A delicate chain choker featuring a quartz baguette is edgy without being abrasive, much like these beautiful September children.

    • This selenite charger is intricately engraved with a ladylike crescent moon, and will add even more beauty to a Virgo's already immaculate home. 

  • Amethyst is actually an excellent Virgo stone, best called upon when they veer from pleasant perfectionist to an anxiety ridden, impossible to please bossy pants. Yes Virgo, you are bossy. Meditate with an amethyst, sniff some lavender, and relax. Jeez. You can get back to your to-do list later.
  • Virgo appreciates forethought and detailed planning...they're the type to always have thank you notes and birthday cards on hand, which means if you gift them this zodiac card set they will be impressed by your forethought! But only for a moment. They'll be disappointed in you soon enough. 


    The Blank Top

    • Virgo is not a try hard. They know they are better than you, so they don't feel the need to be flashy. This top is form-fitting, but not overly, and the little buttons at the neck appeal to Virgo's fussiness. 
    • The Devil is in the details, a wise person once noted...and for Virgo, God is in the details as well. These culottes  are comfortable and functional, but the bow belt is what gives them that extra special something. 
    September children do not need flash, but that doesn't mean they don't occasionally enjoy it. This extremely detailed jacket is from a Russian designer who specializes in distressed, frayed denim, and is covered in Cyrillic writing, glyphs, and adorable little icons. It's edgy, but also cute and functional, which makes it the perfect thing for Virgo to throw on before they leave the house.



    Leonard Cohen

    Half of Ritual is the Virgo-est Virgo that ever walked the planet. (If you've been to the shop, you've seen how clean it is. It is CLEAN.) In honor of all Virgos, we've included fellow Maidens Shirley Manson, Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, Amy Winehouse, and the most detailed, poetic Virgo to ever grace us, Leonard Cohen, on this month's store soundtrack. Listen to it while obsessively vacuuming, re-writing a list, or gazing lovingly at your hair in the mirror. We know you are, Virgo. And yes, you are very, very pretty. We love you.