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Libra Season

Libra Season


September 22nd - October 22nd

Ruler - Venus

Modality - Cardinal

Element - Air

Generous, Careful, Diplomatic , Influenceable, Indecisive, Superficial, Understanding

With Libra season comes a true shift in our inner and outer worlds of perception, which is fitting given how much emphasis Libra themselves place on being perceived. The Autumnal Equinox acts as both a physical and symbolic demarcation point for balance, browning the edges of summer like deciduous tree leaves and finishing the job Virgo started - that of eschewing excess and recalibrating expectations. The first moment of Libra gifts earth with exactly as much darkness as sun, balancing scales that previously favored extroversion over introversion and loud expression over quiet reflection. Walking the middle path makes these autumnal Venusians appealing to basically everyone, capable of finding bright sides in any situation whilst maintaining grace and composure under even the most extreme circumstances. Basically, Libras are fucking awesome - and though they should already know it, they still really, really want you to tell them as often as possible.


Fair minded Libra is the most conscientious of air signs, lacking the impenetrable aloofness of Aquarius as well as the scattered nuttiness of Gemini. Folks born under The Scales are often more concerned with other people's enjoyment before their own, making incense, candles, and other environmental beautifiers ideal Libra gifts.

Unfortunately, the constant stress of diplomacy and never ending compromise can stress Libra out before they even realize it, causing them explode every so often in dramatic fashion. As highly intelligent and communicative air signs, writing habits and journaling can release  steam valves of frustration for Libra, and a journal template like this which encourages balancing a.m./p.m. ruminations can cater to Libra's need for equality. 


"And I feel like some bird of paradise My bad fortune slipping away And I feel the innocence of a child Everybody's got something good to say. ."
P.J. Harvey

Cardinal signs are the seed planters, new idea instigators, and seasonal  harbingers of the zodiac. As the sign post for autumn, Libra tends to act more cautiously and with a deeper inner wisdom than say, blustery, spring bringer Aries. Tools and accessories that assist with balanced, autumnal reassessment will be uniquely appealing to Libra as they usher in much needed calm and diplomacy, so look to meditative crystals and attention grabbing, seasonal accessories like gloves and scarves whenever the Libra in your life needs a boost. Why do Libra's love attention? Because as the sign that kicks off cuffing season and loves to be visually perceived, Libra is never happier than at the start of new romantic endeavors. (They can't help it, it's Venus' fault.) So flirty add-ons like harnesses and eye catching, neck grazing earrings will automatically make Libra's day. And their night. Equally. 



Justice is a notoriously difficult interpretation in the world of tarot. Though balance and fairness are indeed a Libran guiding light, the traditional R.W.S. concept of justice can be a bit opaque. Is justice ever truly black and white? Is it always a simple task to suss out the victim from the perpetrator? Libra is smart enough to know that fairness looks very different based on whom is doing the assessment, thus they typically look at complicated issues from as many angles as they can. In the Lost Hollow deck, the thoth archetype of Adjustment can speak more directly to Libra's sense of right and wrong.The illustrated jester asks the querent to simply observe and compromise when possible, as opposed to making harsh assessments and assumptions. Libra is the living proof that true justice might only be achieved if everyone inches toward compromise and mutual understanding..(and as a very Libran bonus, this deck also includes the traditional R.W.S. Justice card for those stuck in their ways. See, compromise! Libra would be so proud.)


"“To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing”  ― Yohji Yamamoto

Black clad and serious though he may seem, Libra Yohji Yamamoto embodies the Venusian spirit of his sign by infusing his creations with old school romanticism and deceptive boldness - head to toe black may seem combative, but it becomes something elegant and coquettish when expressed via sweeping dusters, plunging necklines, and retro trouser styles. Softly seductive accents like bare shoulders combined with unexpected fabrics that encourage touching are right up Libra's alley, and a small bit of skin is sensual without being overtly sexual. 

Body skimming is preferable to body hugging, so pants and tunics that hint at a great ass instead of baring it to the world will have a more prominent place in Libra's closet than scandalous bandage dresses or catsuits. (Most Libras have great asses. It's their thing.) Scorpio season is a month out, after all, so save the perversion for later. A Libra would never. 


"I'll be your mirror - Reflect what you are, in case you don't know - I'll be the wind, the rain and the sunset - The light on your door to show that you're home"

The Velvet Underground


Libra loves love. Libra needs love, because without an affectionate spectator to remind them of their individuality, these Venus-ruled crowd pleasers will lose themselves in other people's expectations and desires. This season we embrace love, sung both sweetly and darkly by Libra musicians like Nico, P.J. Harvey, Thom Yorke, Tom Petty, and The Police. And in true Libra fashion, we devote equal time to tracks of longing and loss. You're welcome, you equanimous socialites. 

Sarah Randall Williams