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Raw Crystal Knuckle Duster Rings


These are not rings for shrinking violets. These are rings for powerful mages, practitioners, and those needing extra warding, protection, and intention in their lives. Raw stones wrapped in Swarovski crystals are then charged with Chilean Palo Santo, essential oils, Balinese bells and the full moon by occult practitioner Madame Marisi. 


  • New and reclaimed copper
  • Salvaged Swarovski crystals
  • Created and charged under the full moon, Chilean Palo Santo, essential oils, and Balinese bells
  • Each design is unique and custom made, no two will be alike


  • Labradorite=size 6
  • Lepidolite=size 6
  • Smoky Quartz=size 10
  • Moonstone=size 7
  • Green Opal=size 8
  • Amethyst=size 7
  • Rose Quartz=size 8
  • Citrine=size 7
  • Tiger's Eye=size 8
  • Black Tourmaline=size 4
  • Pyrite=size 8