Cast Iron Skull Dish
Cast Iron Skull Dish

Cast Iron Skull Dish

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We love burning things inside Ritual. In fact, one Ritual partner is constantly yelling at the other to clean up their smoky herbs, for the love of the old gods. But now we can burn things in this adorable skull dish. Even if you're not performing ancient incantations on the regular, it's still a great place to hold your smudge stick, drop some rings into, store keys, or whatever. It's a CAST IRON HAPPY SKULL!


  • Catch all dish
  • Cast iron
  • Hand hammered detailing
  • Happy skull. Seriously, look at it. This fellow is happy.

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Why choose Ritual?

Reason one

You know those multinational corporations who are so concerned with short term profits that they're willing to literally watch the world burn? We're not one of those.

Reason two

Black goes with everything.