Adorabyssal Deck
Adorabyssal Deck
Adorabyssal Deck
Adorabyssal Deck
Adorabyssal Deck
Pixel Occult

Adorabyssal Deck

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  • 36 cards each featuring a different mythological creature
  • Uses include divination and games
  • Graphic novel styled illustrations
  • Includes booklet with instructions and definitions


  • Semi-gloss card stock
  • Box is shipped shrink wrapped


  • Each card is 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches


Portland, OR based Pixel Occult produces singular visionary tarot and oracle decks featuring dark, stylish artwork that draws influence from the world of graphic novels. This deck features fearsome mythological creatures rendered in the most adorable, comic book-style illustrations imaginable. Each creature represents an ethos linked to it's mythology and the deck features both well known figures like the Greco Roman Cerberus (representing duty) and more obscure personalities such as the South African demon Grootslang (representing cruelty).