Leather Sport Sandal - Ritual PNW
Leather Sport Sandal - Ritual PNW
Leather Sport Sandal - Ritual PNW

Leather Sport Sandal

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Remember, your hair and your shoes are the most important parts of your outfit. 


  • Super comfortable rubber sole
  • Contrasting genuine black leather upper
  • High quality chrome metalwork
  • Waxed shoelaves
  • Wear with socks, wear without socks. 


  • Can fit a bit on the small side, so order a size up 


Metmorphoza is a Bulgarian brand focusing on modern and wearable fashion pieces. Through their collections, they want to make a statement about the successful and modern collaboration between innovation in the fashion industry and art. Their work involves shaping, adapting, and paying attention to the individuality of every piece of their designs. 

Additional questions about sizing? Message us! 

Why choose Ritual?

Reason one

You know those multinational corporations who are so concerned with short term profits that they're willing to literally watch the world burn? We're not one of those.

Reason two

Black goes with everything.