Taco Bell Zodiac - Ritual PNW
Taco Bell Zodiac - Ritual PNW
Valerie Niemeyer

Taco Bell Zodiac

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  • Ever been curious as to what Taco Bell menu item represents your Zodiac sign? Now you can find out. 
  • The perfect coffee table accoutrement, because who doesn't want to talk about how a Cheesy Bean Burrito accurately reflects their personality?


Originally from southern Washington, Valerie is a Seattle-based artist and freelance illustrator. She earned a BA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Washington in 2016, and took some extra time to study animation and art history. Some of her favorite things include nature walks, popcorn and cute pink stuff. When she's not creating art she can be found peddling coffee to tired people and volunteering at the local comic shop/art gallery.