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How to Find Your Size at Ritual

Ritual carries as many sizes per style as we can fit in the shop, and we strive to stock designers that understand inclusivity when sizing garments, so that humans of any size and gender can find something they love (as long as they like black.) Many of our designers cut up to a U.S. 4XL, and many cut as small as  U.S. XXS, and each product listing will include our model stats and corresponding size worn. We also carry several international designers that work mostly with ‘free sizing’, meaning that the garment is one size and includes adaptable features like ties, snaps, buttons, and zippers that will fit many humans.

We support various amazing designers from so many parts of the world that the sizing metrics and variety will differ between lines, so we recommend looking at the stats for each individual product/model you select. 

We do not categorize designers or garments into ‘plus size’, much in the same way we do not separate ‘mens’ clothing from ‘womens’ clothing, because we want you to wear what feels best, not what any tag or advertisement says you should wear. 

If you find a garment on our site that you love and are unsure about it’s sizing, your friendly neighborhood goths are here for you...you can call us or email us at 206 906 9808 and info@buyritual.com and we can answer any sizing questions.