We are open! Yes, things are different. Here's the list.

1: Face Coverings will be required.
We're not going to beat around the bush and try to have a bunch of different "if this or that" circumstance around whether or not face coverings will be required in our store. They are. It's the best guidance we have so far from the medical community, and if a little inconvenience now can save some lives, then it's the least we can do. Also, some of them LOOK AWESOME.
2: Occupancy limited to 6
Perfect for the introverts.
Also, if you would like to schedule a COMPLETELY PRIVATE shopping experience for yourself... WE DO THAT. Contact us (phone, email, IG, postcard) to set it up. Contact info at the end of this email.
3: Cleanliness. Godliness.
If there is perhaps one positive to come from all of this, it is that the Ritual Partner's neurotic cleanliness has become a VERY desired personality trait. The store has been scrubbed, wiped, and disinfected (what else were we doing). Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to use upon entry and exit. The store itself has gotten a facelift to both improve ease of cleaning, promote social distancing, and just make it look nice. Wins.
4: Fitting Rooms? Yes, you can try it on.
We are limiting ourselves to only one fitting room, and making sure that any garments that are tried on are held aside for 24 hours before being made available again. Any that can will get a nice hot steam bath to kill EVERYTHING.
5: ONLINE shopping still exists. Shipping is still free.
Still not ready to make your way out into the world? Have you made the perfect cocoon for yourself to pupate in until you achieve metamorphosis? We have an online store for that. Shipping is still free. Link to the website below.