Antique Coffin Nail Necklace
Antique Coffin Nail Necklace
Antique Coffin Nail Necklace
Open The Cellar Door

Antique Coffin Nail Necklace

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Were you a necromancer in a past life? Are you currently a necromancer? Well, don't advertise that too heavily as, while we've come pretty far, working with the undead can still garner you some unwanted attention from the average citizen. Instead, subliminal advertise with this necklace made from meticulously restored 19th century coffin nails.  


  • Meticulously restored 3" antique iron coffin nail from the 19th century
  • Gunmetal tone 24" chain
  • Tiny silver triangle hangs at back of necklace
  • Hypoallergenic, lean and nickel free


  • Wipe clean with jewelry cloth


Open the Cellar Door is jewelry lovingly handcrafted in Seattle. Their jewelry is comprised of crystals and semi-precious stones, ethically sourced bones, antlers, and teeth, salvaged metals, and intricate man made findings. Open the Cellar Door’s mission is to create jewelry that is both spooky and beautiful, edgy yet accessible.