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Arcane Bullshit Oracle Deck


Do you ever feel like you've had enough stoicism and earnestness in your divination practice?  Do you sometimes just want to scream THE WORLD IS BULLSHIT into the void, and the void answer back with its own bullshit?  The 106-card Arcane Bullshit oracle deck will perfectly suit those days where you just want to let loose and try to interpret some absurd some odd cards.  At the very least, you'll get a smile out of it.


  • Well-crafted illustrations that has its own eccentric style and iconography
  • Good quality card stock with a matte finish, cards are standard tarot size
  • 48-paged guidebook that may or may not be much help, but will at least teach you how to do the powerful and archaic "haha, a penis" spread
  • Sturdy box to contain all that bullshit, dimensions: 17" l x 11" w x 8.5" h
  • Made in China