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Zodiac Spell Pouch



  • Mesh drawstring bag in the color emblematic of your sun sign (color of bag may vary from product pictures depending on stock)
  • One raw crystal/stone chosen to amplify the best qualities of your sun sign
  • Mini rollerball of essential oil blend specific to your sign for anointing
  • Herb bundle aligned with your sun sign for protection, smudging
  • Includes information card with character descriptions that pull no punches


  • All crystals are full moon charged and ready to use
  • Anointing oil contains essential oil diluted in organic jojoba and olive oil
  • Herb bundle organic and locally sourced
  • Curiosity/Magical purposes only...do we really have to tell you not to put this on or in your body?


  • Mesh bag is 4x6 inches
  • Crystals range in size from 1 sq. inch to 3 sq. inch
  • Rollerball contains 10ml oil and dried pea flower, rose petals, or calendula 
  • Herb bundles vary between 2 and 4 inches long


Ritual proprietress Sarah Randall Williams curates all kits, smudges, elements, and stones from trusted friends, colleagues, and her own garden in Seattle, WA. 

A practitioner of chaos magick and divinator from the age of 13, has been studying astrology and the occult for more than 20 years.

"Witchy. But also... Fashion."