Asymmetric Zip Blazer
Asymmetric Zip Blazer

Asymmetric Zip Blazer

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Somehow this blazer reads as both ultra modern as well as goth...but not Dracula goth, more like Nier:Automata or Final Fantasy goth. It would look just as excellent in a work meeting as it would with a sword and a robot companion. You have those things, right? 


  • Zip front with hidden, lined placket and inner breast pocket
  • Expertly lines at yoke and sides only to prevent bunching
  • Lightweight and layers beautifully, even on broader shoulders
  • Decorative buttons at each cuff and pocket slits at each hip


  • 54/43 cotton/poly with 3% elastane
  • Lining is 100% poly
  • Show your clothing love and always follow the care tag instructions



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