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Birthday Survival Card


We like to think this card is more good natured and honest than, you know, rude. But we're weird. 

  • 100% recycled French Paper "starch" Speckletone cardstock

  • Arrives in a paper, not plastic sleeve

  • Blank inside


Holly Oddly is peculiar paper and weird wares from Savannah, GA. Holly has a way with words and uses her quirky lettering to get her many feelings off her chest. Handmade greeting cards from recycled paper and no plastic packaging are just a couple of ways Holly is Earth-conscious. She also has two trees planted every month on behalf of Holly Oddly and donates toward the DBSA as ongoing support of mental health programs. Holly donates a portion of her retail sales to Parents of Murdered Children to help fund support groups for parents and family members needing to reach out and is a letter writer for POMC, sending cards to family members on the anniversary of their loved one's murder. Holly suffers from Bipolar I disorder and is lucky to have a career that allows her to get the medical support she needs and the flexibility to push through episodes. After all, Holly Oddly is all about celebrating what it means to be SUPER human, not superhuman. Holly believes that Black lives matter and trans women are women/trans men are men and wants to work with shops who feel the same.