Silver Bird Skull w/Mother of Pearl
KBD Studio

Silver Bird Skull w/Mother of Pearl

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An excellent addition to your wardrobe if you are:

  1. Preparing to live your best life in a stone cottage tucked away in the woods
  2. Working to raise a few corpses that will reveal the truth about their murder
  3. Communing on the regular with the corvid spirits that dwell in your haunted garden


  • Cast brass bird skull that has been plated with sterling silver
  • Quartz & Mother of Pearl medallions sit at the solar plexus chakra
  • Black & Brass 24- 27 inch curb chain with cool slidey adjuster
  • Made in L.A.


KBD Studio strives to make artistic handmade accessories that are sophisticated, modern, & timeless, with an edge. They have been producing sophisticated witch accessories in their L.A. studio since 1999.

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