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Blood Skull Sticker


Might be a cup, might be the only thing remaining of your nemesis. Either way, flaunt it. 


  • Glossy reflective vinyl
  • Approx. 2.5" X 1"
  • Lets your enemies know what's up


Holly Oddly makes peculiar paper and weird wares from Savannah, GA. Handmade greeting cards from recycled paper and no plastic packaging are just a couple of ways Holly is Earth-conscious. She also has two trees planted every month on behalf of Holly Oddly and donates toward the DBSA as ongoing support of mental health programs. Holly donates a portion of her retail sales to Parents of Murdered Children to help fund support groups for parents and family members needing to reach out and is a letter writer for POMC, sending cards to family members on the anniversary of their loved one's murder.