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Cult: A Deck of Tarot


CULT is a horror themed tarot deck built for shadow work that is not for everyone.  The arcana correlate directly to R.W.S. archetypes, however this deck asks us to submerge ourselves into the unconscious to reveal hidden, repressed, or otherwise subsumed thoughts and feelings. 

Horror films have a long history in queer communities. Using horror elements and gothic imagery, this deck is LGBTq+ friendly and suitable for queer readers and allies alike. 


  • Based on Rider-Waite-Smith format with correlated card meanings 
  • Medium weight, semi-gloss card stock
  • Very manageable 3" X 5" cards bridge and fan well
  • Saucy and NSFW '60's horror film art style...this artwork is SICK
  • Small batch, limited run by indie PA artist