Deer Leather Triangle Talisman Necklace

Deer Leather Triangle Talisman Necklace

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  • Up-cycled deer leather triangle pendant
  • Adorned with quartz crystal
  • Brass and copper chains finish off the beautiful embellishments
  • Washed brass chain measures 20.5 inches clasp to end


Swamp Swag Creations is a Washington-based jewelry collection courtesy of Matlock resident Heather Loop. Heather began her jewelry creations while living and working as a bike messenger in NYC in 2004, and hones her singular aesthetic once she moved to New Orleans in 2013, working with found/recycled bones, bullets, and leather. She currently scavenges animal bones and bullet casings on the lush, atmospheric Olympic Peninsula and incorporates them into her piece that imbue the wearer, talisman-like, with a touch of soul of the PNW forest.