Flounce Sleeve Kimono Wrap
Flounce Sleeve Kimono Wrap

Flounce Sleeve Kimono Wrap

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If our time in the Pacific Northwest has taught us anything, it's the value of having some kind of cover up on you AT ALL TIMES. You know that when the sun goes behind that cloud you're going to be chilly..... but not quite enough to lug around a jacket. Behold! This flounce sleeve kimono wrap. Also, it looks great wrinkled so feel free to have it live on the bottom of that gigantic bag of yours till you need it. 


  • Exaggerated short sleeve kimono
  • Semi sheer woven fabric
  • Rough edge hem
  • Shawl collar that can be tied in front to give it a cover up feel


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in China
  • Get the most out of your clothes and always follow label care instructions

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