Leather Grommet Mask
Leather Grommet Mask
Leather Grommet Mask

Leather Grommet Mask

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Protection from bacteria, other people, face recognition software, and pollution. Also protects from various other combatants like Sub Zero, Sonia, and Johnny Cage. You did want to look like you stepped out of Mortal Combat, didn't you?

  • 100% genuine leather shell
  • breathable lining with filter pocket
  • Black elastic ear loops
  • Gunmetal grommets
  • One size fits most (may be a little loose on petite faces)

Additional questions about sizing? Message us! 

Why choose Ritual?

Reason one

You know those multinational corporations who are so concerned with short term profits that they're willing to literally watch the world burn? We're not one of those.

Reason two

Black goes with everything.