"Lust" Dark Art Tee

"Lust" Dark Art Tee

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Lust from Pixel Occult's Wayward Dark Tarot comes to life in very soft t-shirt form, and if you're going to wear a major arcana message, this is a pretty good choice. Associated with Leo and Fire, the Lust card embraces the strength and carnality needed to meet the new Aeon, and asks the querent to embrace interests and attractions outside of themselves.


  • Off white and blue graphic on solid black tee
  • Label-less collar 
  • Unisex, slightly slim fit body
  • A portion of proceeds from Ritual's dark art collaboration goes to the artist themselves


  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Get the most out of your clothes, and always follow label care instructions


  • Fits true to size with very little to no shrinkage (even if you wash your clothes like an asshole as we do) 
  • Model shown is 6' with a 21' shoulder width and wearing size L


Pixel Occult is an independent graphic artist based in Portland, OR, who also produces the Sinking Wasteland Tarot, The Adorabyssal Oracle Deck, The Wayward Dark Tarot, and The Lost Hollow Tarot. When not producing stylish, daring oracles, Pixel Occult can be found posting hilarious occult memes on Instagram.


Additional questions about sizing? Message us! 

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Black goes with everything.

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