Mini Ouija Ritual Box
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Mini Ouija Ritual Box

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Remember how all the specters in Ghostbusters get trapped in little teeny boxes? Well, here you go. Or you could just keep your medication in it and make people think you have a ghost in there every time you need a Claritin. Do you. 


  • 3"x4" Inner Dimensions 3.75"x2.75"x1.38"
  • Outer Dimensions 4.25"x3.25"x1.75"
  • Features a slide top opening of pressed baltic birchwood
  • Holds crystals, gems, jewelry, cursed souls 
  • Handcrafted in San Diego, California

Additional questions about sizing? Message us! 

Why choose Ritual?

Reason one

You know those multinational corporations who are so concerned with short term profits that they're willing to literally watch the world burn? We're not one of those.

Reason two

Black goes with everything.

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