Neon Moon Tarot Deck
Neon Moon Tarot Deck - Ritual PNW
Neon Moon Tarot Deck - Ritual PNW
Neon Moon Tarot Deck - Ritual PNW
Neon Moon Tarot Deck - Ritual PNW
Pixel Occult

Neon Moon Tarot Deck

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A non-traditional deck that infuses Rider/Smith/Waite symbolism with an apocalyptic, comic book landscape, turning cups to vials, wands to wires, swords to arms, and coins to zent. Kick tradition in the ass and transform into a divinator of the future. 


  • 2.75" x 4.75"cards with striking cyberpunk color scheme and style
  • Full 78 card deck with Major/Minor Arcana
  • Deck features instructional cards with spread options and a symbol glossary
  • Feels like Morpheus in The Matrix divining your future


  • Glossy cardstock
  • Arrives in a sturdy, high gloss tin


  • Tin and cards are 2.75" x 4.75"


Pixel Occult is an independent graphic artist based in Portland, OR, who also produces the Sinking Wasteland Tarot, The Adorabyssal Oracle Deck, The Wayward Dark Tarot, and The Lost Hollow Tarot. When not producing stylish, daring oracles, Pixel Occult can be found posting hilarious occult memes on Instagram.

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