Occult Tarot
Occult Tarot
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Occult Tarot

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How can we possibly embrace our truest self if we never step into the dark? Author and occultist Travis McHenry reveals the secret daemons of the 17th-century and conjures their powers into this unique set of 78-divination cards. Drawing on daemons, symbols, and sigils from ancient magickal grimoires including Archidoxis Magica and the Key of Solomon, Occult Tarot presents a fully realized divination tool to finally embrace and behold the mysteries of the night.


  • Faithfully adheres to the Solomonic principles of daemon conjuration
  • 78 cards edged with a sparkly, blood red filigree
  • Includes a 99 page info booklet showcasing both demonic meaning and parallel meaning to a traditional RWS deck
  • Cool as fuck


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