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Ritual Herb Smudge Bundle


These organic, sustainably and locally grown herb bundles are infused with crystals and intention from our garden in Seattle and bundled in-house by our practitioner. Good for clearing new spaces, intention setting, shadow work, etc. depending on the herb of choice and specifics of the practice.


  • Approx. 4"- 6" in length and 1" - 2"width
  • Wrapped with 100% cotton
  • Cedar - energizing, creativity, cleansing, manifesting
  • Lavender - calming, meditative, spirit work, cleansing
  • Rosemary - soothes grief, cleanses, invigorates, memorial rituals
  • Blue/Purple Sage - cleansing, soothing, healing, alleviates illness
  • Catnip - Love, compassion, partner work, deletes negativity
  • Fir - deep cleaning, hex removal
  • Thyme - uplifting, helps with malaise, depression and self-doubt