Scullery Soap
Scullery Soap
Zolia Vera

Scullery Soap

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Cleanses even the most odorous, X-rated filth...


  • Orange, Clove, and Black Pepper Oils
  • Coffee grounds for scrubbing your dirty, dirty soul
  • 80% Olive Oil to dissolve your shame
  • Inspired by Victorian Scullery Maids
  • Approx. 3 inches in diameter, .25 lbs
  • 25% of proceeds go to Center for Missing and Exploited Children


Zolia Vera is a woman owned, small batch producer of artisanal soaps, scents, candles, and other body products in Maine. Handcrafted and tested, these products measure up to the finest standards. Zolia Vera's maker aspires to create the finest products through love, nostalgia, and creativity, with a dash of Victorian gloom.