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Signs of The Zodiac Greeting Card Set


The Zodiac is a girdle extending around the heavens, including all the constellations within eight degrees on each side of the sun’s path. This girdle contains twelve constellations called the Signs of the Zodiac. Horoscopic astrology places great significance on these signs. This beautiful set was published as cards by the Brooke Bond & Co. Ltd. A card was put into every packet of several kinds of tea. Tea drinkers collected them and could put them into a booklet provided by the company. We offer 12 greeting cards, one each of all twelve signs, with envelopes, in a deluxe collectible box.


  • Contains 12 Blank 5" x7" greeting cards with Envelopes
  • One card per zodiac sign
  • Printed on Recycled Paper and stored in collectors box
  • Made in Seattle, WA