Spark Candle
Spark Candle
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Spark Candle

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This candle smells like getting hugged by your cool aunt after she puts out her clove cigarette. You know - the one who does astrology, lives oversees, and loves you for who you really are.



  • Small batch candle with soy + coconut wax and a blend of essential oils, botanical isolates and fragrance oils
  • Hand poured into a screen printed reusable jar
  • Made in Seattle, WA
  • Phthalate Free – Paraffin Free – Cruelty Free – Non Toxic
  • Jar: 3” diameter x 3.6" height Volume: 8oz / 226 grams
  • Burn time: Approx. 40 hours
  • Please follow care instructions for the optimal lifespan of your candle.

Additional questions about sizing? Message us! 

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