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Tarot Reading


Note: Once you confirm a timeslot, it will automatically direct you to the checkout page. If there are issues, please call us to make an appointment.

Sometimes you need a sounding board, sometimes you need inspiration, and sometimes you need affirmation. Tarot readings at Ritual allow you to explore your own psyche with an objective reader in a comfortable, non-judgmental setting.

Depending on what speaks to you, we will work with spreads, crystal grids, herbalism, sigils, and lunar/solar phases and cycles. Many aspects of the discussion can be similar to psychology in that what you are drawn to usually reveals some nugget of knowledge internally. Your tarot reader can act as a sort of informative mirror for your goals, for instance, if you seem to be struggling during certain phases of the year, but thriving during other phases, a reading can give more comprehensive, historical information and elemental associations with those difficult phases.

3 Card Reading (30 minutes)
This option is perfect for you if you have a specific question in mind, or if you're new to tarot readings and you want a nice, simpler introduction.

6 Card Reading (45 minutes)
This options is great for exploring what you need clarifying in your life or psyche.  You can come with a specific question in mind but you want a more long-term outlook than the 3-card spread gives, or if you're not sure what you're asking for and want the cards to help you focus on areas in your life.

7+ Card Reading (60 minutes)
You can come with specific questions or no real questions in mind.  This spread helps you to really drill down, as it includes being able to draw clarifier cards for cards you pulled that you need, well, clarification on.


Ritual Proprietress Sarah Randall Williams has studied astrology and tarot since age 13, and her own practice most closely aligns with chaos magic and an elemental, nature-focused approach.

"To be clear, I am not a psychic and I do not predict events...I'm an empath who enjoys talking through problems with people. My aim is always to help people find insight and knowledge that already exists within them, and I use cartography, astrology, and ancient symbolism to unlock it...almost in the same way that modern practices like biofeedback and Rorschach tests unlock mental and physical truth."