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Teknebrae Tarot Deck


The prolific tarot artist at Pixel Occult has released a new deck.  Set in a cyberpunk world, these 78 cards are drawn in a beautiful grayscale, comic-book-esque style full of future tech you expected to exist nowadays except cartoons and movies lied to you as a child.  It's chockfull of diverse representations and gorgeous fashion, with clear symbology as related to the Rider-Waite-System.


  • 78 cards using the RWS system
  • Uses include divination and games
  • Graphic novel styled illustrations
  • Includes booklet with instructions and definitions


  • Linen card stock with black core and matte coating (amazing feel)


  • Each card is 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches


Portland, OR based Pixel Occult produces singular visionary tarot and oracle decks featuring dark, stylish artwork that draws influence from the world of graphic novels.