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Things To Do When You're Goth...

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"Set at the irresistible junction of toxic reality and the truly strange and the electric unexplainable..."

-Samantha Hunt, author of Mr. Splitfoot


This collection of stories is an amazing periscope that plunges the depths of what it feels like to be "other" in America during this millennium, whether that "other" is goth, queer, young, addicted, broke, or legitimately alien. Find the commonality in strangeness with a lesbian couple trying to repair their relationship by dropping acid at a Mensa party, the goth teenager thing to stay sane within the evangelical church, and two young friends who find companionship with a mysterious cemetery dweller. This book will relieve you of both the anxiety regarding perceived abnormalities and the desire to be anything other than wonderful, strange, exceptional you.




  • Hardcover bound with jacket
  • Eight stories totaling 221 pages
  • Book measures 6' X 7.5'
  • Seattle/Brooklyn based author Chavisa Woods




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