Yule Spellbox
Yule Spellbox
Yule Spellbox
Yule Spellbox
Yule Spellbox
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Yule Spellbox

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Give the gift of magic. 


  • With black Ritual drawstring muslin bag for carrying
  • 3 Ethically sourced, full moon charged crystals/stones chosen to strengthen your intentions
  • One beeswax chime candle and ceramic holder
  • 25 pack of Sea Witch Botanicals incense
  • Branded box also includes instructions and spell options
  • 1 Yule Wreath with local evergreens and salvaged bones
  • Choose from Protection, Prosperity, Love, Success, or Healing


  • Muslin bag is 5 x 7 inches
  • Crystals range in size from 1 sq. inch to 3 sq. inch
  • Gift box is approx. 12' by 8' by 2'
  • Wreath is 4 in' diameter
  • Ceramic candle holder is 1' by 1'


Ritual proprietress Sarah Randall Williams curates all kits, smudges, elements, and stones from trusted friends, colleagues, and her own garden in Seattle, WA. 

A practitioner of chaos magick and divinator from the age of 13, Sarah originates from Viking/Scandinavian stock by way of Louisiana, and has been studying the occult and pagan religions for more than 20 years.

"Witchy. But also... Fashion."